Swimming can be a very daunting sport, especially if you do not know about your surroundings or if your technique is poor. Swimming can be dangerous if you are bad at it. Some people prefer swimming indoors, mostly because it is convenient and safe. 

Most cities and towns, not to mention even villages, have swimming pools. It is easy for someone in a city to have a 15-minute drive and then get some exercise in a swimming pool.

On the other hand, open water swimming can be a bit more dangerous, depending on where you swim and at what time of the year. Some lakes are dangerous enough on their own, without any other hazards, like strong winds or a stormy sea.

Here is what you need to know about transitioning to open water swimming if you were used to only a swimming pool.

It Can Be Very Dangerous

Not to mention sharks, if you get to an ocean or sea, there are other hazards prowling the waters. Some are animals, like sea urchins. Some people have dangerous reactions to their venom. 

Other things to be scared of are underwater currents. This typically happens in lakes, particularly ones which are connected to another lake or source of water through underground rivers.

There are many dangers when swimming in open water so prior to taking a risk, one should talk with the locals and get familiar with the waters, from rivers to lakes and definitely seas and oceans, to find specific beaches and relatively safer spaces.

It Gives a Sense of Freedom

Swimming in a pool, waiting for your turn, staying in one lane, it can get boring really quickly. Something that is as repetitive as swimming in a pool can make plenty of people lose their motivation for swimming.

On the other hand, swimming outdoors is a very freeing experience. Whether it is summer, when temperatures are high and a swim can be the most relaxing thing, to swimming in spring or even winter, when temperatures are ridiculously cold, swimming outdoors is definitely more fun.

Apart from the obvious entertainment and novelty factor, crossing a lake with just your palms and legs is an amazing feeling. No restrictions or other people, for that matter. Lakes can be huge, so one is likely to find a spot for themselves.

It Takes Lots of Experience

Swimming outdoors, particularly in something like a sea, takes lots of experience. Granted, swimming in a sea is easier due to salt levels helping us float, but there are other factors to have in mind. 

The seas and oceans ebb and flow, which means that there are times when there will be waves. A wave can take an inexperienced swimmer by surprise. Plenty of experienced swimmers have gone under due to weather and circumstances not being in the thief’s favor.

Starting off slowly is the safest way to experience open water swimming, but not get yourself into dangerous situations. It is recommended to learn about different types of open water, in general, and then about specific locations, like the ones you will be swimming at.

Swimming in open water can be dangerous, but provide us with an amazing feeling of freedom, relaxation, and even exhilaration. It can also be dangerous, so it is recommended to start off slowly and adapt to new surroundings and challenges.

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