Some people go to casinos for a chance to win it big. Others enjoy the buffet and the cocktails, along with some amazing Vegas-like shows. Those that are in the market for casino games sometimes shy away from actual places and use a promotion like a casino bonus code. Today, however, I want to discuss people who go to a casino with no intention of gambling. And they wear scuba gear!

Lady Luck

Lady Luck is a former tanker that was retired and sunk in Pompano Beach. Now, it is an attraction that is expected to draw in thousands and thousands of people every year. The boat, formally known as Newton Creek, serves as an artificial reef that is also an underwater casino.

Lady luck has a plethora of rooms to explore and take pictures in, in addition to various attractions like a shark dealing blackjack or an octopus at the craps table, while mermaids (statues, boys, not volunteers), serve drinks. Various diving groups organize trips to the wreck.


This boat was built back in 1967 and named Newton Creek. Its purpose is very far from what it is now – it was a sludge tanker operated in such a careful manner that its disturbance of the marine plant life was minimal. After 50 years of successfully fulfilling its duties, it was sunk with honors in 2016, to serve as a tourist attraction.

Can You Play Casino Games?

Actual gambling is somewhat present, but the main attraction is the scuba-diving itself. Lady Luck has been known to host a few promotional underwater poker tournaments in the past, though we are not 100% certain this will be the case in the future as well. The official calls to action have been pretty quiet on the subject.

Still, one can’t help but wonder, what it would be like to practice your poker face while others can’t see it and have to, instead, rely on the airflow of your tank to let them know whether you are excited or scared. Should all the dice be extra heavy to account for the water resistance? What happens if a game lasts too long? Will there be an air tank where you can re-supply?

Who Can Enter?

While the underwater casino is an amazing tourist attraction, it is not suitable for beginners. You may have the necessary cash to join the exploration (around 60$ at the time of writing this piece), but unless you are an AOW diver, you can forget seeing this place outside YouTube videos.

AOW stands for Advanced Open Water. It means that, apart from knowing what’s what under the surface, you are also familiar with the heavy-duty equipment that goes with it, including a compass and a dive knife.

Should You Do It?

Well, that is entirely up to you. This exhibit is aimed at diving enthusiasts, which means that if you are not 100% comfortable going underwater, you will probably not have a good time. There is also the price of the trip, the ticket to the exhibit, and the price of the equipment to consider. If your budget is somewhat lacking at the moment, you could try a wallet-friendly vacation option, like hiking and/or camping. Of course, you will have to bring your own dice, cards, and chips in that case.

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