The teenager who debuted earlier this year in the senior category is taking on two competitions, one in Helsinki and another in Glasgow. He told British swimming that he was going to treat the two events “as entirely separate things”, and that he will not be holding back in the junior competition. Peters believes that, if he reaches his Personal Best, he will stand a real chance to win.

German Energy and Brazilian Experience Dominate FINA Marathon

Florian Wellbrock from Germany finished the ten kilometers race in Balatonfüred in 1 hour 55min 40.02sec, with the Netherlands’ Ferry Weertman right behind him. Wellbrock said that the real challenge for him were the waves, something he didn’t have much of experience with as a pool swimmer. “We had flat waters in Gravelines so this was hard”, Welbrock said.

Ana Marcela Cunha from Brazil, known for being peerless around the globe three years in a row when it comes to 25-kilometer races, won her event by three-hundredths of a second, clocking in at 2:05:53.1. Before she could blink, she was joined by Haley Anderson from Setubal.

Hannah Stevens Retires

Hanna Stevens announced that she will be leaving the world of competitive swimming. The 23-year-old USA National Teamer said that this was a difficult decision, but something that needed to be done for her physical and mental health. Stevens will retire due to the increasing amount of back problems that have been giving her grief for some time now. However, she said that she was very grateful to her fans for their support.

Rikako Ikee the Fastest Butterfly

The 100 Butterfly event in the Mare Nostrum witnessed the rise to the top of the Japanese swimmer Rikako Ikee. With a time of 56.23, she accomplished her personal best in the event, and achieved the fastest time in the world.

It is worth noting that this 18-year-old is famous not only in the Land of the Rising Sun, but also the world, for her 50-meter and 100-meter Butterfly and Freestyle events. She already won several gold medals for swimming in 2015 and 2016.

CSCAA Gives 710 Teams Honors

The College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America, or CSCAA, has enriched their Scholar All-America Award list, by recognizing 710 teams for their academic achievement. To qualify, teams had to have a Grade Point Average of at least 3.0.

Saint Francis University women were not one to shy away from a challenge and effectively has the best GPA in the USA – 3.81. Grand Canyon University did not let their men fall far behind with 3.66. The individual version of Scholar All-Americans is yet to be announced by the CSCAA.

Jazz Carlin Goes Open Water

This summer, Jazz Carlin, the famous Olympic medalist, will make her debut in the open waters. She is a part of a team that is supposed to take Glasgow 2018 by storm. Bernie Dietzig, the leader of this team, said that it would be a great opportunity for Carlin to face this challenge.