Every athlete has a recreational activity which they indulge in after a hard day’s workout routine. Some play video games, some go for a ride, others just sit and enjoy the peace and quiet while their muscles are relaxing.

Swimmers, they do things their own way, some with practicing sports related to water, others something completely unrelated.

Here is how swimmers spend their free time.

Occasional Gambling

It is not unheard of for a professional athlete to gamble, as many have done so. Occasional gambling is more frequent than professional or serious gambling (that bordering on becoming problematic or addictive).

For a swimmer, like any other pro athlete, gambling on the side can be a great way to blow off some steam. For gamblers in New Jersey, a whole new horizon is opening up for online gambling, and many are reading reviews such as this review of Harrah’s to find the best offers for signing up to online sportsbooks. However, the traditional, land-based sports books and casinos are still not losing their popularity.

Other Water Sports

People who practice water sports are far more likely to engage in other water sports than those who are distant from them. Professionals swimmers are even more prone to practicing water polo, jet skiing, surfing, wakeboarding and a lot of other sports.

Since all water sports are related to water, engaging in a different one can help a swimmer take their minds off the competition and rigorous workouts and engage other muscles, but this time, with nothing at stake, completely for the purposes of recreation.


Cycling is a very common recreational activity, as it helps the body have a relatively safe and engaging workout, depending on your route and cadence, of course. For a swimmer, cycling can be a great way of working out their quadriceps, specifically, or just having a nice ride across the countryside, far away from the busy roads.

Social Interactions

Free time is often spent with friends and family. Free time for a professional athlete is something almost revered. Spending that time with loved ones is one of the biggest priorities for most of professional swimmers, as well. It is worth noting that chatting and video calls are more practical ways of interacting with friends and family, it is also not nearly as meaningful as talking in person. Unfortunately, many professionals simply do not have enough time to see every one of their friends and family in person.

Video Games

Video games are fairly popular today, both on mobile devices and consoles, especially on PCs. They are great for relaxation and also having a blast with some friends. Online gaming came a long way since the early 2000s and playing with your friends is possible, even cross-device gaming, meaning one could be playing on a console and the other on a PC.

Musical Instruments

A day off can be spent playing instruments. Today, getting an instrument is much easier than in the past, especially learning it, because of all the available data and tutorials online. Professional swimmers are no strangers to working out on a regular basis, so an instrument would fit the agenda of many.

Hopefully now you have a better glimpse into the world of pro athletes. Are any of those activities surprising to you or would you have guessed them yourself?

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