Swimming is one of those sports which you watch at the Olympic Games if you happen to catch it, unless you are a fan and follow every single competition, including the regional and even the local ones, if they have coverage. Betting on swimming takes some knowledge as opposed to slot machines. The latter can be rather fun and relaxing and exciting at the same time, especially the ones at Top NYX Slots, which grant you additional bonuses to standard slot machine games.
Betting on swimming, however, takes some knowhow if you plan to wager your money against the odds and these tips should help you win.

Know Your Tournament:

Betting becomes much easier when you know where and when the race will take place. Whether it is the Olympic Games or the World or European Championship, you should take note of the event as in that case, you can rule out the swimmers who will not be competing. There is no point in researching various Asian or US swimmers if you are planning to bet on the European Championship results.

Know Your Bet:

When you know what tournament you’re betting on, you should also have in mind that betting on the victor of a certain race is not the only available bet to you. You can also bet on whether a certain swimmer will finish the race in the top 3 seed and in what place, not necessarily winning the race. You can also place head to head bets, if you find that a certain swimmer can overtake the favorite.

Know Your Swimmers:

Whether a certain swimmer, other than the tournament favorite, can win a certain race, will depend on many factors you can study. Going about it without doing any research at all is a certain way to lose money, as it is with any bet where you have no idea about the team or person involved.

Studying swimmers, their prior history and whether they have had any recent injuries or fantastic scores is a sure way of making sure that your bet will be well placed. Betting on the tournament favorite is unlikely to win you a lot of money, while betting on a swimmer who is on the rise, yet still not there, might net you a lot more than a “safe” bet.

Whether you will be betting on the World or European Championship or the Olympics, the 3 events which are more likely to draw attention to the swimmers, you should be better equipped to place a smarter or more valuable bet with these tips. Know your tournament, bet and swimmers and you might come home with more money than you left.